Use of all radio transmitters in the USA are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. Part 15 refers to a portion of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR47) that pertains to devices that radiate RF (Radio Frequency) energy. This site is all about building a Part 15 radio station that has commerical potential and doing it legally, without a broadcast license. We are not selling "toys" here. This is the website for you if you are serious about investing in a small broadcast signal without spending a million or more.
On the standard AM broadcast band, unlicensed transmission power is limited by 100 milliwatts of DC input power to the final RF stage (with restrictions on size, height and type of antenna). In the past this meant your toy broadcast transmitter may be heard down the block, but trying to use it to cover even a neighborhood was out of the question...UNTIL NOW!

The RANGEMASTER 1000 AM Transmitter was designed by Keith Hamilton, and it has made Part 15 radio viable for the first time. Properly installed, you can cover a neighborhood with one of these transmitters. Add additional transmitters to cover larger areas. In fact, we know of one large building rooftop installation in the desert SW USA. It consists of 10 transmitters, separated by 15 or more feet apart that work in tandem through the SYNC connection. This part 15 station has processed audio from an Orban AM unit. Truthfully, it sounds like a commercial station and has great coverage for the entire small town it serves. (This station is currently for sale - 541-460-0249)

Another Part 15 station we've heard about covers a small city with only three transmitters, one in each part of town. They operate as a sports talk station and
have made a commercial business out of a hobby transmitter.
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